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The following testimonials demonstrate my customers' great appreciation of my translating, editing and writing works. 

Clients Testimonials


Pierre Demers, président de la Ligue internationale des scientifiques pour l’usage de la langue française

Having gone through some of the books in your collection, everywhere I agreed with the content with respect to terminology, as well as rigour of expression and stylistic elegance. In considering the nature of the work you have accomplished and the amount you have produced, one realizes this body of work represents an impressive reflection process based on an understanding of both the subject matter and the languages involved. At all times, you carefully thought or rethought through what finally appeared on paper – content for the most part dealing with highly specialized and difficult-to-grasp topics.


Yves Tremblay, Editorial Director, McGraw-Hill Publishers then Managing Director, Ediscience International

As editorial director of McGraw-Hill Publishers in Montreal and in Paris, I hereby attest that you translated many scientific and technical books for the firm. The quality and the speed of your work were uniformly excellent. Your collaboration was always highly appreciated. 


From R. Rateau’s report in the French technical magazine Le haut-parleur of the book entitled  Circuits intégrés linéaires by the late Jean Letocha, engineer and former professor of pre-university and technical school in the Province of Quebec

We must give this excellent book special mention for the rigour and clarity of its presentation, both of which are on a level rarely reached. And the quality of the language used – the author even called upon a linguistic advisor (L. Collet) – might serve as an incentive to travel to the Province of Québec to perfect one’s French.

André Forestier, Supervisor of Translation Services, CAE Aviation Ltd.

Mr. Léon Collet translated from English into French a large volume on the radionavigation of the Hercules transport aircraft. His work displayed a high degree of professionalism and a great care for the quality of the French version.

Brian Sinclair, Purchasing Manager, Pratt & Whitney Canada

I would like to thank you for your excellent work, and to express particular satisfaction in the quality of your translation from English to French. The competence with you handle every project in the field of telecommunications and your speed in responding to our needs have always been greatly appreciated.

Nicole Guta, Marketing Coordinator, Tekelec Canada Inc., Specialist in Network Signalling

We would like to thank you for your prompt and efficient work on our Technical Manual translation from English to French. Tekelec Canada Inc. will not hesitate in recommending you for technical translation work. We have found your translation to be accurate and the technical terminology to be precise.

Martin Stonely, President, Ventes techniques Nimatec inc., Agent representing Canadian and American manufacturers of pumps and plumbing supplies in the Quebec market

Your translation from English to French of catalogs, brochures and technical data sheets allowed us to present our clients with clear, concise and easily understandable French literature in the same format as the English originals. Your translations make our sales task easier. lt was a pleasure working with you.


François Cyr, B. Sc., Technical Counsellor, Corporation des maîtres mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec (CMMTQ)

We hereby wish to underscore the quality of your translation on the manual entitled Residential Mechanical Ventilation Systems Student Reference Guide totalling 275 pages. We were pleasantly surprised by the accuracy of the terms and word choices used. Your use of syntax was equally skilful and took into account the technical rigour of the work dealing with building mechanics.


Yvon Cerantula, Sales Manager, The Crane Valve Group

Mr. Leon Collet understands what he translates, in particular, the complex notions involving industrial and commercial valves, as well as fluid flow. Furthemore, he keeps his word.


M. Michel Charette, Vice-President Technical Development EXA Systems Inc.

Mr. Collet worked very closely with us while translating the user manuals for the Marc™ computerized warehouse management software used by the Société des alcools du Québec (SAQ). We highly recommend him for effective translation of software user manuals.

Yves Gosselin, Regional Manager, Ontario & Quebec, Devcon, Acrylic Adhesives

Your translation was of professional quality, was completed on time as originally agreed upon at a very competitive price. Your ability to read and understand our English text without having any knowledge of our industry is also commendable. Thank you very much for a translation well done!


Réjean René, General Manager, Centre de recherche industrielle du meuble et du bois ouvré (CRIMBO)

During the translation of the CRIMFLO software user guide, Mr. Collet showed rigour and was able to meet a tight deadline. We are satisfied with the work accomplished and would be willing to entrust him with a project again if necessary. 


I can easily master new technical and scientific fields for the translations, revisions and writing you need.

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