Targeted clienteles

Publishers for technical and scientific books, according to my fields of specialization listed in the Home page or other technical and scientific fields.

Industrialists for various manuals, guides and other texts, according to my fields of specialization listed in the Home page or other technical and scientific fields.

Engineers, departments, services, etc., listed below for various manuals, guides and other texts, according to my areas of specialization listed on the Home page or other technical and scientific fields. 

Engineers, firms, departments...
  • Buyer 
  • Main buyer
  • Language coordinator
  • Engineering department 
  • Communications department
  • Business development department
  • Marketing department
  • Sales manager 
  • Consulting engineering firm
  • Design engineer 
  • Consulting engineer
  • Quality control engineer
  • Business engineer  
  • Manufacturing engineer 
  • Management engineer 
  • Production engineer 
  • Project engineer
  • Research engineer
  • Process engineer 
  • Sales engineer
  • Chief engineer 
  • Technical sales representative 
  • Engineering department
  • Purchasing department
  • Sales department 
  • Communications department
  • Development department 
  • Language service
  • Marketing department 
  • Main translator
I can easily master new technical and scientific fields for the translations, revisions and writing you need.  

With my training, teaching experience and ability to relate to the reader, I facilitate understanding and make complex notions accessible. 

A skilled communicator and collaborator, I seek harmony in each professional relationship. 

Please see the Books and other texts and Testimonials pages.

If you have no reason to wait, email me to so that we can discuss your projects and envisage a profitable collaboration.